Virtual facilitation

When a Zoom call is not enough

The techniques that worked in the offline world don't readily transmit into the digital world. 

Every organisation, every one of us, can access digital tools, often for free, but a successful online experience is all in the content and delivery.

Success for us means more than getting people engaged, activated. We want people to feel something. And it's a new feeling - to create new kinds of bonds - through the screen - through co-working.

We don't believe that translating the big screen, big stage wow factor of real-world events is the answer online. People need to feel trust and intimacy.


Ghost virtual facilitation

You can share your screen... or...  

We run all kinds of online courses, workshops, training and events - for our own methods, for organisations and for wider audiences - and with individuals, groups, teams and whole organisations.

We can help you get hundreds of people together and really inspire and ignite them. We are constantly amazed at what you can do when you start with passionate people and the right tools.

We like to stretch the screen horizontally to engage people prior with physical, digital or hybrid packages... and after the event with continuing initiatives, outward-facing actions and connected impacts.

We also like to stretch attendees vertically, by encouraging self-organised extensions, supporting networking and nurturing content creation.


Expert virtual facilitators

Ghost people are experienced trained facilitators, specialising in virtual facilitation for organisational development. That should be above our front door. We bring specialists to every party.

Ghost virtual facilitators

We love working with the Howspace virtual facilitation platform. We work closely with Howspace. It's an agile tool and fits our ninja attitude. We can guide large groups of people in collaboration and we can react and improvise during complex activities.

Virtually facilitated activities change our temporal expectations, so, as you would expect from a paranormal company, we stretch time. Virtual facilitation runs long before, before, after and long after. And during... well, let us handle the scheduling, and the guests can forget the clock...


"I got so electrified in a positive way."

"It was sooo inspiring and for an online experience it was fan-tas-tic!"

"This was such a wonderful, energetic space! Thank you"

"I got more out of just the morning than I have out of countless other conferences I have joined this year. You really have created something very special."

Thank you!




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