Our world is becoming immaterial


Originally companies were founded to accelarate the material world. Business was based on the idea of scarcity, control and ownership.

Towards the end of the last millennium, companies were finding it difficult to stand out amid the tightening global competition. They were confined inside the box of the material world. So, they started looking towards the immaterial world.




The immaterial world is abundant and boundless. It is as vast as our imagination allows it to be, filled with inconcrete and intangible elements, such as ideas, emotions, knowledge, beliefs and competence.

The greatest potential awaits those who embrace the immaterial world and invent new ways to combine the best elements from both worlds.

As fierce global competition and technological advancements force companies to climb up the ladder towards the immaterial world, its genuine, underlying principles begin to transpire. Traditional rules for doing business no longer apply here.

Where the material world is limited, the immaterial world is unbounded. Those who only understand the rules of the limited world are unable to succeed in a world of abundance.