"Purpose is the key to navigating the complex,
volatile, ambiguous world we face today."
Why do companies exist? As the reward for working for a company is no longer only about the paycheck, people are starting to search for the meaning of things. Purpose makes the soul of the company visible and people can reflect it with their own purpose to find alignment.
When people share the same purpose, they just know what is right and what is wrong. And so decision-making becomes faster.
Raising your eyes from the every-day tactics provides an opportunity to see new business opportunities. Finding your company's purpose helps you to distance yourself from the existing products and services and see new business opportunities. Looking world through a purpose lens helps to see new opportunities as you understand your wider role in the community and your customers' life.

Purpose searching is important for companies and communities looking to:

- Clarify their reason for being during a strategy process.
- Create deeper employee and customer engagement.
- Understand and communicate better their role on this planes and as a part of the society.
- Streamline decision-making.




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