Our story

Two friends are having lunch in a packed Cafe Rouge in Helsinki on a warm October day. Relaxing summer has passed and it is time to get back to work. The conversation goes something like this …

- Are you finally ready to start your own company now?

- I guess I am... Why not.

- Great! I can set it up for you. And I want to own half of it.

- Okay. So I guess that makes us business partners then.

Cut to Venice, to Kinnernet event at H-Farm.

Miikka is talking to a New York based brand expert Brian Collins.

- I am about to start a new company with my friend. I think we will call it "The Immaterial Company" as we believe the business value creation is shifting rapidly from material to immaterial.  Cool, right?

- Why not call it "Ghost"?

- Damn! You are good!

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