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We're excited to announce that the first Community Builders' Summit will take place on October 8. We hope to see you there...

Community Builders' Summit 2020, October 8

This edition of Community Builders’ Summit 2020 will tackle the theme: Community Builders as Agents of Change. We will focus on how we, as community builders can promote transformation and respond to the pressing needs of our communities, especially at this time of global pandemic. 

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    “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."
    – Margaret J. Wheatley

    Let’s discover this process together!

    In the Community Builders' Summit we provide spaces to explore how we can evolve our community activities from transactional to the transformative. To do this, we start with who, from ourselves - and our roles and presence as community builders. This is a day of virtual workshops and speakers with an international group of passionate community leaders like you.

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