The simple online event invitation template

When I run online co-creation sessions I normally expect that the participants are going to come from my network or friends of friends - and usually via LinkedIn or Facebook.

I have a bit of a dilemma here because I could engage the Ghost machine and arrange for email blasts and adverts, fire up EventBrite and head down the online event rabbit hole. But that would all be overkill when I want a small group of people to collaborate with. And, of course, it's just not realistic for small, organic sessions. The last thing you want to do is waste effort or money, especially if you are just starting out. 

Online event invitation without the hassle

So, when you want to organise a free online event or workshop but you don't have a great place for people to sign up, what to do?

I learned the hard way early on not ask people to send emails or DMs. It's too much hassle, too vague and there's too much uncertainty. 

My solution is to guide people to a simple, open Google sheet. All your future participants have to do is add their email.

Tips for using the simple online event invite template

Remember to repeat the basic info of the event everywhere.

And remember to change the Google sheet sharing settings to "Anyone on the internet with this link can view".

Pro tip: If the "seating" is limited, remember to "protect" the number rows so no late enthusiast can get creative and add more seats to the event themselves.

You can also add a few "waiting list" rows - it's a nice touch.

Get the template

Here is the simple online event invite template for you >

Just copy and use it. You are welcome.

If it's useful, or if you have your own tips or ideas, please tag me on LinkedIn and let's share some ideas >


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