Here's a micro timer to help you facilitate and plan online workshops

First, a confession. I ran a workshop together with Friederike Riemer about 5 years ago and she had a great XLS micro timer. I stole it! And then I modified it to fit our needs for Ghost events and workshops. We use a micro timer like this in Google Sheets for all our workshops and events.

Workshop micro timer template

There's now a Google Sheets template that's easy to copy and use to help any organiser create and facilitate better online workshops and events.

Thank you Friederike!

You can find our more about Friederike AKA Frida Futura via The Future Game 2050 website (German so use your translate plug in) and from LinkedIn. She's a brilliant facilitator. The Future Game 2050 workshops are totally unique and inspiring.

(We also have the Future Game 2050 playing card deck in English in the Ghost shop ;) )

Plan online workshops with the micro timer

So, this micro timer helps you to plan your workshop or event down to the minute. What is great about micro timers is they reveal if you have tried to cram too many goodies into your session. As you work through your timing with intros, exercises, breaks, discussions, presentations etc. you can easily see where you are over-reaching or being unrealistic with the all ideas you want to squeeze in!

You can always use more expensive solutions, like Session Lab, that are designed specifically for this, but I like to keep it simple. With this spreadsheet micro timer, it's minimum effort. I also share it with colleagues, co-conspirators and clients to help make the whole process of creating workshops and events more open and so we can easily collaborate and tweak.

Access and copy the workshop micro timer

Now, I hope you will avenge my previous misbehaviour and steal this micro timer from me!

Here's the link to the Google sheet >


Please copy it and let me know how you get on - tag me on LinkedIn >


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