Reveal your organisation's purpose
in a compact, AI-supported, collaborative,
web-based survey with expert remote facilitators. 

It's time to work better together

Now is the time to take advantage of the momentous changes in your organisation due to the pandemic. Navigate uncertainty, create your future and work together with common purpose.

Does your organisation have a shared purpose?

Your won't find your company purpose on PowerPoint slides or in your annual survey results. It's your people that know best. It's in their deep-rooted motivation and their dreams about the future.

Do you want to engage and activate your people?

Purpose Pulse uses proven virtual collaboration methods, expert facilitators and AI-powered tools to merge individual perspectives into clear insightful output - in a fun and rewarding way.


We've combined a compact quantitative survey and engaging qualitative workshop experience
to inspire your people - and generate results fast.

From personal to business growth

Everyone uncovers their own purpose drivers in individual discovery. Then we challenge how the organisation is seen through the collective and how that translates into strategic intent and the effectiveness of decision-making. 

Effortless collaboration

Our facilitated virtual sessions scale from small teams up to vast distributed organisations. Output analyses how people relate to their work and their future - a collective purpose to help grow people, profit, and impact.

Designed by the
authors of Purpose

The book, Purpose, was published by Miikka Leinonen and Tobias Burkhardt in 2019. It sold out. We should do another run! Purpose explores organisational strategy with tools for self-learning and just enough development theory.

Miikka and Tobias founded their companies, Ghost and ShiftSchool, to collaborate across borders - and give you a roadmap to advance in our fast-changing times.

Online collaboration
with hybrid roots 

In 2020, facilitation has moved online and we've had great success making strong emotional connections, helped by using video conferencing in concert with rapid workshopping tools, like Howspace, Mural, Miro etc.

We've run some fascinating custom Purpose projects, like the Fintopia case with a three day journey into the depths of the forest.

Business design methods
for agents of change

Our canvases, training, workshops and tools, like Purpose Pulse, have been designed with all kinds of organisations from the commercial and public sectors.

We work with agents of change - people like you in development, transformation and strategy.

Our proven methods and great facilitators will help you architect a brighter future. Talk to us. Let's be friends.

Designed by Ghost Company (FI) and ShiftSchool (DE)
in cooperation with the Howspace online collaboration platform

Feature comparison

HowSpace collaboration platform
Multi-lingual expert facilitators125
Facilitated discovery sessions 
AI summaries
Complete collaboration data
Executive summary presentation
Management workshop
Results visualisation

Talk to the designers of Purpose Pulse
for more information

Tobias Burkhardt, ShiftSchool

Tobias is a disciple of new ways of digital learning. He is passionate about innovation, agile organisational development and artificial intelligence. With ShiftSchool, he has created Germany’s first academy for digital transformation.
Contact Tobias: +49 177 521 5194 - - LinkedIn 


Miikka Leinonen, Ghost Company

Author of Melt, Community Builder, The Strategy of Giving and Purpose, Miikka gets people relaxed, focused and active. He gives so much of the energy and feeling to what we do at Ghost Company.

Contact Miikka: +358 40 762 3705 - - LinkedIn 



Purpose - Digital Canvas Set
Purpose - Digital Canvas Set
Purpose - Digital Canvas Set
Purpose - Digital Canvas Set
Purpose - Digital Canvas Set
Purpose - Digital Canvas Set
Purpose - Digital Canvas Set
Purpose - Digital Canvas Set
Purpose - Digital Canvas Set
Purpose - Digital Canvas Set

Purpose - Digital Canvas Set

Purpose - The Book
Purpose - The Book
Purpose - The Book

Purpose - The Book


"It was sooo inspiring and for an online experience it was fan-tas-tic!"

A new Ghost friend, workshop attendee

"This was such a WONDERFUL, energetic space! Thank you!"

Another new Ghost friend, summit participant

"So exciting to be part of it! It felt like I truly found my people!"

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