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We create and partner on fun and seriously engaging virtual and hybrid events.
We're probably working on one right now.


Partner with us. Let's break things! 
There are no physical limits as we blur traditional and virtual. 
We emphasise the participants in content design and create value between people.

To discuss a project, call Jussi Tapio on +358 40 556 1638 (EET, so be kind)

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Partner with Ghost Company on virtual events

Depending on the size and scope, we like to partner up or take an end-to-end role. Some of our client events are completely custom, some use a mix of industry, client and our own Ghost content

Our clients are from the private and public sector, big and small. We work on company meetings, conferences, partner events, internal, external, launches, seminars, strategy, innovation, research, workshops...

If you want to read about Ghost virtual event planning in more detail, we put all our beliefs and best practice into the Helsinki Method, freely available online >

Recent Ghost eye candy

Jussi and the stunning backdrop of the vast container port for Breaking Waves 2020.

 The Ghost micro-studio for hybrid events and our friends from the client side.

Miikka leaves the Nirvana corner to lead an executive community strategy workshop.

Miikka on stage at Startup Estonia. Online/offline group. Hybrid with Howspace.

How about a big stage with strobes and seaweed, like this from Woltti Group.

Jussi walks the floor during Startup Estonia Vision workshops.

Content rich

We make event planning as painless and transparent as possible. Clients and partners collaborate with us much as they want.

We'll handle content, methods, facilitation and interaction. We'll take care of all the parts of the pre-during-post communications lifecycle you need us to.

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We love cooperating with event agencies. In Finland, we have brilliant friends at Lataamo, Bright, Tapaus and Woltti.

We also use our own micro-studio set up for international virtual events for hundreds of attendees.

Got a tech question, or a request for your rider? Get in touch > 

Start with who

Virtual events offer a new paradigm. People are participants, not attendees. That goes for you and us, too.

We take care of all participants. Sometimes our clients host or facilitate. Sometimes we arrange speakers and facilitators from all over the world.

Read about the new era of participation in the Helsinki Method >

Every great event needs the right facilitators

Jussi Tapio, Ghost Company

Jussi Tapio

Host and all round business design dude

Miikka Leinonen, Ghost Company

Miikka Leinonen

The Ghost with the most

Frida Futura, Futur/io

Frida Futura

Future scientist

Silvia Baroni, VW

Silvia Baroni 

Change designer

Manuel Grassler, Lego Serious Play

Manuel Grassler

Much more than the Lego

Your name here

Your name here

Plenty more with these came from - or it could be you!

Watch Carlos' welcome video

We also run our own GHOST events

The Ghost Summit format is a familiar one day event with keynotes, workshops and breakouts. We use it for the Ghost Community Builder Summit and we often customise it for clients - for conference days, strategy days etc.

Here's the Summit in action. Jussi, Miikka and 200 community builders from around the world are enjoying Tamas David-Barrett's keynote at the Ghost Company Community Builders' Summit 2020.

"Instead of competing, virtual and physical encounters are complementary ways to share and generate knowledge, innovate and connect people. Effective interaction is what counts, which is enabled by careful planning and solid technical know-how."

Get in touch and let's do it

You know, there's really only one way forward from here... or two (Ed: three if you count the online meeting)
To discuss a project, call Jussi Tapio on +358 40 556 1638 or email


We love Howspace for virtual event collaboration

At the start of the pandy in Spring, translating the event experience online went smoothly for us. The stars aligned with Howspace. We needed to get people active remotely and Howspace was perfect. We typically involve some kind of Howspace workshopping in all our events, real-world and remote. 

Yes, Mural, Miro, and of course, Zoom, Teams, StarLeaf, WhereBy, Airmeet, GTM, Webex... we play with them all... but we keep coming back to Zoom and Howspace for the combination of ease-of-use, just-enough-features and robustness.

Read more about the Helsinki Method by Ghost and Bright, featuring Howspace >



"Such a wonderful experience with amazing individuals and discussions"

"This is the best team brainstorming we have had :)"

"Best remote event so far."

"Kiitos tästä, koko päivästä!"

"Thank you for a great day."

Community Builders' Summit mission control


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