Organisational development

Not an agency. Not a consultancy.
A Ghost Company.

If you want to cover your rear end by hiring a consultant, call Deloitte. If you need an international team with total commitment, top-notch methods and future-orientation, we might be your partner.

Yes, we act as a sounding board and, of course, we offer strategic advice. But our aim is not to consult from scratch. Instead, we use proven methods as the base to help you develop and transform - Ghost Business Design Methods.

We call it business design but we work with a lot of non-businesses in the third sector and public sector.

Our methods are themed under Community, Purpose, Service Innovation, SLO and Moonshots (read all about it via the shop links). We have developed these specific methods as workshops, training courses, canvases and books. Of course, we customise them or they serve as inspiration for different client projects. 

Transformational methods

In custom projects, we help companies kickstart new thinking, transform and navigate change. We help plan and execute new strategies, pivot sales organisations, redefine offers and change entire business models. Sometimes the need is narrower and we help design and launch new online services, build innovation lounge concepts, develop facilitation culture or transform how virtual encounters are executed.

Our projects are based on absolute honesty, trust, mutual respect, questioning and co-creation. We will not solve pre-defined challenges without questioning them. 

Similarly to our customers, we are highly selective about the projects we undertake. As we put our heart and soul into someone else's business, we want to see the results.

If we work together, the first thing we'll do is ask for the keys to your office!

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For references and discuss a project, get in touch with Jussi Tapio on +358 40 556 1638. He might be out walking his puppy, but he's always happy to talk.
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