" Moonshot is an ambitious and desirable dream that is far beyond reach with our current level of awareness and skill set.”


Today, business leaders and innovators must dare to dream of a future that has not shown any sings of itself yet.

It is easy to keep fine-tuning your current business model to improve it a little bit tomorrow. And it is fairly simple to imagine the potential that new technologies can offer for your products or services in the near future.

But what about the future we can only barely dream about? The future that we cannot yet describe, let alone build? Or the future we would love to have?

Moonshot Canvases were originally developed for the Futur/io Institute together with Friederike Riemer, Harald Niedhardt and Felix M. Wieduwilt.

Moonshot method is suitable for companies and communities aiming to:

  • build a desirable future dream to support strategy work.
  • trigger innovation in developing new services.
  • inspire bold and new thinking in the organization. 



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