LazyGhost blog

Just kidding!

There's still no blog yet ;) We've been busy!

But if there was... it would have stuff like... 

12:10 More office nomading at Cult Security who help organisations with security awareness to support a culture of innovation

12.10 Community Builder Method Master training is in the shop - the Community Builder book has been very well received and people have been asking for sessions to explore the concepts in tools. Method Master is the first step.

8.10 Community Builders' Summit - OMG - attendees from Australia, the US, Spain, Germany, Estonia, Brighton, Helsinki, Germany again, and agains, the Netherlands, more, more - and what an atmosphere. What an amazing group.

7.10 Office nomading (nomadage?) at Sherpa in downtown Helsinki. Agency of the year 2020 no less. Lovely people. Lovely kitchen. Sherpa kindly hosted the Community Builders' Summit.

2.10 Community Builders' Summit YouTube channel is live with previews from participants, a warm-up from the hosts and a video greeting from the keynotorious Dr. Carlos Saba. 

1.10 Ghost shortlisted for the finals of the Finnish Comms Awards. For Jussi and Republic PR's great work on Hack The Crisis Finland.

30.9 Service Innovation Wall pilot workshop 2. Miikka was joined by fascinating guests from Europe and North America as they put the new Service Innovation Wall method through its paces. It was a winner. In the shop soon.

28.9 Community Builders' Summit speaker lineup is complete. Lana and Miikka juggled the agenda as we have some great guests joining. 

27.9 We decided to invite non-profits to Community Builders' Summit for free if budgeting is a problem for whatever reason. We have 100% discount codes for NGOs, non-profits, public sector, QUANGOs, QANGOs and GONGOs (it's a thing!) Just email

9.8 Miikka finalised the 3D animated Community Builders' Summit logo. If you can find it online, you can feel very proud of yourself!

There's even awesome AI-generated logo from the even more awesome