If you want to cover your rear end by hiring aconsultant, hire Deloitte. If you need an international team with total involvement, top-notch methods and future-orientation, we might be your partner. We will not solve pre-defined challenges without questioning them. And we do not have "a consultant's briefcase" with one-size-fits-all solutions.

We have given companies a new lease of life by planning and executing new strategies, pivoted sales organizations, helped to redefine  offers and changed their whole business models. Sometimes the need is narrower and we have just designed and launched new online services, built innovation lounge concepts or altered the way the corporate events are executed.

Our consulting projects are based on absolute honesty, trust, mutual respect, questioning and co-creation. 

Similar to our customers, we are highly selective with the consulting projects we undertake. As we put our heart and soul into someone else's business, want to see the results. If we start a co-operation, the first thing we require is that you give us the keys to your office.

Some of our consulting customers....

Startup Estonia, Cargotec, Mapvision, Lindström Group, Sherpa, Premix, Sugar Helsinki