The Future Game 2050
The Future Game 2050
The Future Game 2050
The Future Game 2050
The Future Game 2050

The Future Game 2050

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The Future Game 2050 is a workshop tool and role playing game to explore the future through various roles humans could carry out in a future society and working environment.

The roles are inspired by trends and developments we already see today enriched by sci-fi and creative elements. The Future Game 2050 triggers conversations about the future and helps to create your own future scenarios, business models and stories.

It fosters people strengthen the top skills of the 21st century: creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

The Future Game 2050 is at its best when companies want to create new visions of the future and need to see the world outside their typical frame of reference and question their preconditions. It offers a tangible and playful way to start thinking about what futures might materialise. Furthermore, it wants to challenge you to position yourself and tell your own stories.

It is also a great tool for playful team-building when a new team is formed and wants to develop future relevant skills like collaboration, creativity and communication.

It consists of 30 playing cards with job profiles like the "Human Enhancement Advisor" or the "President of the Moon" to help you see the future from numerous new perspectives.

The game was developed by Friederike Riemer and Felix M. Wieduwilt. They also run workshops using the method.

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