Service Innovation Wall preview

Here's a little video preview of the Service Innovation Wall, crafted by Miikka with the help of many Ghost friends. Thank you to all the designers and thinkers that have contributed to fine-tuning the wall. And thank you to our customers for their openness and rigour!



About the Service Innovation Wall

Over many years of innovation consulting, Miikka has developed various tools and processes, some custom, some packaged. The learnings from all of them are packed, compressed into a new, highly intuitive form, proven to be highly effective in online and hybrid collaboration.

It's for service design then? Well, yes and no. We should have a podcast about this... Miikka's vision is that organisations all benefit from growing their service culture and solving innovation challenges. And the SIW breaks down barriers to participation, to support great collaboration by remote teams and by welcoming diverse stakeholders to the table.  

It's designed for online or hybrid working, ready for Mural and Miro.

You can facilitate yourself, download it as PDF. Or buy your own Miikka to facilitate.

Email Miikka to get on the waiting list for the next Service Innovation Wall training.

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